Prosciutto Fiocco of Valtellina (raw ham)

prosciuttofioccovaltellinaSelected raw materials, Valtellina tradition and fresh alpine air are the three main secrets of “Fiocco di Valtellina”. Only the core of the leanest pork legs is destined for the production of our raw ham. Salting is still made by hand, spreading a mix of herbs and salt whose recipe has been passed down over generations of the Robustellini family. The long and slow seasoning takes place in dedicated rooms where the microclimate and the typical natural ventilation of the valley are used to give the product its unique taste and aroma! You can also try the smoked version, which is obtained through a natural smoking process with aromatic woods. Since 2014 the traditional production technique has been protected by a collective geographical mark. Only hams produced in the province of Sondrio in accordance with strict production regulations and subjected to stringent quality control can obtain this recognition which is identified by a brand with a characteristic teardrop shape followed by the indication “Prosciutto Fiocco di Valtellina”. The Robustellini cold meats production plant, as one of the oldest fiocco producers in the valley, can display this brand, guaranteeing an extremely high quality product for its consumers.


Our Fiocco of Valtellina


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