Prosciutto Fiocco Valtellina (raw ham)

Selected raw materials, Valtellina tradition and fresh alpine air are the three secrets of our Fiocco Valtellina. Only the core of the leanest pork legs, accurately selected by our master grocers, is used to produce our raw ham. The meat is still salted by hand with a mixture of spices and salt, whose recipe has been passed down over generations of the Robustellini family. The long and slow seasoning takes place in dedicated rooms where the climate and the natural ventilation typical of the valley are used to give the product its unique flavour and aroma. The absence of a bone, the nearly rectangular ham printing and its optimal size make it suitable for any modern slicing unit, reducing wastes to the bare minimum. A perfect mix of tradition and modernity with no equals! colonna-certi-fiocco-en

Prosciutto Fiocco Valtellina (raw ham)


pr-fi-intero Whole piece in net
pr-fi-intero-sottovuoto Whole piece under vacuum
pr-fi-meta-sottovuoto Half piece under vacuum
pr-fi-affettato Sliced

INGREDIENTS Pork meat, salt, dextrose, fructose, spices. Preservatives: E 250, E 252.


STORAGE CONDITIONS Store in the refrigerator at 0-4°C. To be consumed in a few days when the package is opened.

OTHER INFORMATIONS Our Fiocco contains no allergens, no milk proteins and it’s gluten free.

Reference intake of an average adult per 100 g of product (8.400 kJ/2.000 kcal).

  • Energy 986 kJ 236 Kcal 12% 12%
  • Fat 12 g 17% 17%
  • Saturated fat 5,4 g 27% 27%
  • Sugar 0,3 g 0% 0%
  • Salt 3 g 50% 50%

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